2024 – A new year!

We have passed through the holidays and have reached the end of 2023. Now, we are entering
wintertime and a new season. For so many, the year starts as a time for resolutions of change,
new goals, and setting expectations. And, while this can truly be a struggle for many, or
resolutions may be hard to keep, there is much to be said for embracing new seasons and
working to establish new rhythms.

Rhythm, in music, is simply sounds and patterns that are repeated or arranged periodically
according to the sound that is desired or the goal of the timing. In the same way, rhythms in our
lives are habits or aspects of our lives that we repeat and add to our schedules to make positive
impacts on our lives and overall well-being. To establish good rhythms, we must choose to
prioritize them – and sometimes, that will cause discomfort or disrupt our current schedules.
However, the goal of adding healthy rhythms to our daily life is to improve our well-being and
how our days go; while the sacrifice of some things in order to positively change habits will be
temporarily uncomfortable, they will lead to positive effects later on.

When it comes to implementing rhythms into your daily life, there is one key thing to note: Your
rhythms do not need to look like anyone else’s! While it may be helpful to find models and
inspiration from other people, it is key to embrace the rhythms, timelines, and goals that are
best for you. Just as your relationship with a friend will be different from your relationship with
another friend, so will your relationship with God and the other aspects of your life differ from

If you are considering adding new rhythms to your life, here are a few ideas and some
inspiration as you jump into the new year!

MOVEMENT: Moving your body has so many great impacts. Regular exercise is so great for
staying in good shape and maintaining endurance. It is also great for boosting mental health, as
it raises endorphins, lowers stress, and provides an energy boost! Exercise can help aid in
healthy sleep routines and energy levels, as well. There are so many great options to move your body – whether you are a beginner or a well-seasoned veteran at exercise, there are options for you! Need some ideas? Here are a few ideas to start: Walking, running, yoga, swimming, dancing, independent workouts or classes at the gym, playing a sport, and hiking!

REST: As always, rest is key to feeling your best. Whether a new rhythm of rest means going to
bed earlier, taking a nap, or having sabbath days to recuperate and reset, maintaining rhythms of
rest for your mind and body is crucial.

FOOD: Eating nutrient-dense food and drinking plenty of water is incredibly impactful for
wellness! Having a good balance of nutrients through fruits and vegetables will help you to be
stronger, to maintain a good immune system, to have more energy, and to be sharper mentally! Prioritizing proteins, vitamins, and minerals in your diet can be simple! Add fresh fruit with nut butters, for example. You may have to give up some food and drinks to achieve this, but it is well worth it! Think “FRESH IS BEST” and try to stay clear of processed foods, as much as possible.

SPIRITUAL HEALTH: Lastly, establishing rhythms that will positively impact your spiritual health
is crucial. This can look like a variety of things – and just like the other rhythms you find, it may
change as you and your life change! Prioritizing time to read your Bible and meditating on it
helps you to know who God is and His plan for your life. Spending time in prayer and journaling
can help us to grow in closeness with God as we talk to Him and can better hear what He is
saying! Reading a devotional or doing a Bible plan can be a great guide, or maybe listening to a
podcast can be impactful! Get to know other people who are seeking similar rhythms as you,
and spend time in community with them. People can help us draw closer to God, too!
No matter how this new year looks for you, finding new rhythms and making positive changes is
possible. Find new ways to become who you were made to be, one day at a time!

Written By: Mackenzie Grace @walkingingraceandfaith