Let us introduce you to one of our dear friends, Spirulina. We know, it’s a strange word and you’re probably trying to figure out how to pronounce it or even guess what it is. Spirulina is actually a form of algae. Stay with us here. It has been said that spirulina is quite possibly one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

Spirulina isn’t some newly developed food product with claims of health benefits. This superfood is considered one of the oldest life forms on the planet. The use of this algae as food traces back to the Aztec and African native people. Today you will find spirulina in powders or tablets. If you are looking for spirulina, you will want to ensure that it is free of contamination and has been tested by another party before you purchase.

Spirulina contains complete protein, meaning it has all essential amino acids that your body needs. In addition, spirulina is packed full of nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, copper, and calcium, just to name a few.

Still not convinced about consuming algae? We hope these potential health benefits will change your mind:

Fight Inflammation: Spirulina’s main active component is phycocyanin, which is an antioxidant that also gives the substance its blue-green color. This component can fight off those free radicals looking to harm your body and allow the body to produce anti-inflammatory effects.

Anti-Cancer Potential: There is evidence to support that spirulina may have anti-cancer effects. Research shows that spirulina can decrease cancer incidence and tumor size in animals. Human cancer studies have been conducted on the impact of spirulina’s effects and oral cancer. These studies revealed that many patients taking spirulina saw their precancerous lesions disappear and that many of their symptoms improved.

Allergy Assistance: Ever get a stuffy or itchy nose this time of year? Spirulina may be able to help with that! Spirulina may assist specifically with allergic rhinitis (inflammation of the nose) caused by environmental allergens. A research study showed that individuals who took spirulina daily had a reduction in their symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy nose.

Workout Gainz: Who says plants can’t fuel your body for an intense workout? We don’t! In a few studies, spirulina has shown to enhance muscular endurance and improve strength. Many plant foods, including spirulina, contain antioxidant properties that may assist physically active people minimize exercise-induced oxidative damage that leads to muscle fatigue.

This superfood is simple to incorporate into your diet. You can blend it in a smoothie, mix it in lemonade, or even throw it in with your favorite energy ball recipe. You will find spirulina at Fresh Vibes in the Blueberry Bliss smoothie. If you’re still not up for the powdered form, you can always purchase the tablet form of spirulina and reap its benefits.

Here’s a recipe to help you incorporate spirulina into your lifestyle:

Spirulina Pesto