Our relationships – whether friendship, romantic, professional, or even spiritual – are all
affected by what is inside of us. February is commonly known for holding Valentine’s Day, a day on
which relationships are often celebrated. As we enter a month of love, it felt fitting to talk about
the importance of health in all of our relationships.

In Luke chapter 6, Jesus talks about how a good tree does not produce bad fruit, just as
a bad tree does not produce good fruit. In the same way, a person with good in their heart will
not produce bad fruit, and a person with bad in their heart will not produce good fruit. For the
“mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart” (Luke 6:45b). What we fill ourselves with will
ultimately become evident in our lives, through our words and actions.

Fueling your body with whole foods will supply your body with what it needs to be
healthy and strengthened for what life might throw at it. Getting enough protein is crucial for your
body’s systems to grow stronger and for your energy levels to remain high, so you can be your
best in all of your daily situations and interactions. Getting enough crucial vitamins and
minerals are important for immunity and health of all of the body’s systems. Drinking enough
water is necessary for hydration, which supports all of the body, including your cells and brain.

Your environment also deeply impacts your overall wellness. Choosing what products
you use is important, and being wise with who is in your everyday circle can make massive
impacts. Our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are closely tied; if one is impacted,
most likely, they will all be impacted to a certain degree. If you are not healthy in an area of your
life, it will eventually become evident in your relationships and performance at work, or

Just as we must invest effort into maintaining our physical health, the same can be said
for our relational health. In any relationship, time is necessary for growth. Without
communication and sacrifice, relationships will not remain healthy. Investing into a relationship
with another person will help the two of you to grow closer and to remain healthy, as well as to
know if this is a relationship worth continuing to invest in. Healthy friendships, work
relationships, and romantic relationships can greatly benefit your life, just as unhealthy ones can
be destructive! Taking time to invest in your own life and health is so beneficial, not only for you,
but also for the ones who will be impacted by your “overflow.”

Who do you want to be remembered as? Let us all be a light to others!

Written By: Mackenzie Grace @walkingingraceandfaith