Known as one of the most effective nutritional supplements on the planet, turmeric

has been used in traditional medicine for approximately 4,000 years. Holistic

medicine practices in India are known as “Ayurveda” where plant-based

formulations have been used to treat diseases. Turmeric has its roots in India where

it is used in culinary recipes, as well as religious ceremonies. Modern medicine is

beginning to recognize turmeric’s significance in treating human ailments. The

turmeric plant belongs to the ginger family, Zingiberaceae, which is native to South

Asia. India produces almost all of the world’s turmeric and consumes 80% of it.

The vibrant golden color of turmeric has many functions from giving curry its

yellow color to coloring other food products such as cakes, cereals, and even

processed orange juice. Turmeric has been used to help treat ailments from

digestive disorders to arthritis.

Check out some additional benefits of turmeric:

Powerful Compounds: Turmeric contains a medicinal compound called

curcuminoids. Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound that is the main

active ingredient in turmeric. The majority of the studies on this compound use

turmeric extract that has a more concentrated level of curcumin. If you wish to see

the best benefits of this compound, a turmeric supplement is recommended. Advice when

picking out a supplement: Look at the ingredients to make sure it contains ‘Black Pepper’.

Your body can absorb curcumin more effectively when it is combined with black pepper.

Anti-Inflammatory: Although inflammation is your body’s natural way to fight off

disease and repair damage, chronic inflammation can attack the body’s own tissue.

Chronic inflammation is linked to various diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and

Alzheimer’s. The compound, curcumin, found in turmeric is a strong anti-

inflammatory agent that can be as powerful as some anti-inflammatory drugs.

Antioxidant Overload: The compound curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that

helps fight off free radicals. In addition, curcumin boosts the activity of your body’s

antioxidant enzymes. This compound will knock out free radials by blocking them

and stimulating your body’s defenses.

Brain Power: Your brain contains a growth hormone called brain-derived

neurotrophic factor (BDNF). There have been many disorders of the brain that are

linked to a decrease in the levels of this hormone, such as depression and

Alzheimer’s. Curcumin can increase the levels of BDNF in the brain, which may

reduce the risk of developing these diseases, as well as potentially improving


Kick Cancer: Curcumin supplements have been found to impact cancer growth,

development, and spread. There have been studies showing that curcumin can

reduce the growth of cancer cells and inhibit the growth of tumors. Although these

studies need further testing, there is evidence that curcumin may prevent cancer.

This incredibly powerful plant provides loads of benefits to the body. From

preventing cancer to alleviating arthritis symptoms, you won’t want to miss out on

the benefits of turmeric! With its vibrant color and pungent taste you can add this to

just about anything!

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