Let us introduce you to the slightly sweet and tastefully tart goji berry. The
pronunciation of this delightful fruit has tripped up many; so don’t feel bad if you
asked yourself a few times how to say it. The first part is easy; it is simply
pronounced, “go.” Like on your mark, get set, go! The second part is pronounced like
“gee”. For example, “Gee! I never knew how many nutrients one berry could have!”

There you have it, the Goji Berry.

Goji berries have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Traditionally, this
berry was used to treat liver, eye, and kidney illnesses. Sometimes referred to as
wolfberries, goji berries typically come in the dried form, similar to raisins. These
berries are packed with some essential nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, iron,
vitamin A, and zinc.

Here are a few fast facts about goji berries you’ll want to know!

Gains: Looking for a plant-based way to add in more protein? Look no further than
the goji berry. They contain all of the essential amino acids with a single four-ounce
serving taking care of 10% of your daily value of protein.
Fight the Flu: Not only can these berries boost your immune system, they may be
able to assist you in fighting off the flu specifically. In a lab study, goji berries
showed evidence of enhancing the effectiveness of flu vaccinations in aged mice. As
flu season continues on, consider adding these into your diet to help protect
Trim Your Waistline: Due to their high fiber content, you will feel fuller faster and
longer by adding goji berries to your snack time routine or to your favorite salad.
Additionally, these berries have a lower sugar content making them a more
healthful choice than fruits that are higher in sugar.
Get It On: Goji berries are known for having a history with increased sexual fertility.
A lab study in rats showed that goji berries can increase sperm quantity and
movement, improved sexual ability, and improved recovery of testosterone levels.
Goji berries can be considered an alternative to taking erectile dysfunction

Just so you know…
There are a few restrictions to adding goji berries to your diet. If you have low blood
sugar, are taking blood thinners, have low or high blood pressure, are breastfeeding
or pregnant (can cause miscarriage), or are allergic to the fruit consider shying away
from the berry.

Goji berries are anything but a new fad. This fruit has been utilized as healing
medicine and can increase your nutritional intake. Here at FreshVibes you will find
them on our Berrylicious and Nutritious Salad and in our Purple Haze Superfood
Smoothie. Other ways to add them into your diet include adding them as a topping
on your salad, in your yogurt (non-dairy, of course), or eat them plain as a snack.

Here is a recipe to try to increase your goji berry intake:

Healthy Superfood Trail Mix {Crunchy, Chewy, Sweet, and Satisfying}