First off, you may be asking yourself “What is bee pollen?” and “Should we consume it?”

The answer: Bee pollen is actually a conglomeration of flower pollen, nectar, honey, wax, bee

secretions, and other enzymes. It is completely safe, and even beneficial, for you to consume!

Bee pollen is not the same thing as the honey you purchase in the cute little bear jars at the

store. In fact, bee pollen looks like small granules with a golden yellow color.

This substance has piqued the interest of those in the health community due to its high amount

of nutrients. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health now recognizes bee pollen as a medicine.

Bee pollen is made up of primarily carbohydrates followed by protein, water, fats, and other

substances such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Let’s take a look at the potential health benefits of consuming bee pollen:

Protection From Disease: Bee pollen contains a vast variety of antioxidants, which protect your

body against free radicals. These free radicals have been associated with the development of

chronic diseases like cancer. Some studies show that the antioxidants in bee pollen can reduce

inflammation, eliminate harmful bacteria, fight infections, and inhibit the spread and growth of

tumors. The bee pollen’s antioxidant content is dependent on the plant source.

Immune Boost: Research studies have shown that consuming bee pollen may reduce the

severity and onset of allergies. Additionally, bee pollen may boost the body’s immune system

which can help you avoid illnesses. Research has found that bee pollen extract can kill harmful

bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and other bacteria that can cause staph infections.

Potential Anti-Cancer Properties: Although more human-based research is needed, there have

been positive test-tube studies completed that show bee pollen as a potential means to treat

and prevent cancer. Bee pollen from specific plants have shown anti-estrogen properties that

can lower the risk of breast, prostate, and uterine cancers. Human-based research studies are

still needed to prove the potential impacts on human cancer growth, but the research

previously done is positive!

Move Over, Menopause! Bee pollen to the rescue for women who are entering into

menopause! Menopause often comes with uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, mood

changes, and sleep disorders. A few studies have shown that bee pollen can ease symptoms

associated with menopause. In addition to improving menopausal symptoms, the bee pollen

supplement lowered LDL or “bad” cholesterol and raised HDL or “good” cholesterol.

Disclaimer: If you are allergic to pollen or bee stings, you will want to avoid consuming bee

pollen. There is evidence that consuming bee pollen may also negatively interact with blood

thinners. Finally, pregnant or nursing mamas should avoid bee pollen products due to the lack

of proof that it is totally safe for babies.

You can find bee pollen either in granule or supplemental form. You can purchase bee pollen at

a health food store or from your local beekeeper. Bee pollen is easy to incorporate into your

diet. At FreshVibes you will find it topped on our Intense Defense Superfood Smoothie! You can add this

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Here’s another way to incorporate bee pollen into your lifestyle…

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